A club owner in the Meatpacking District is trying to sell his closed nightclub before he succumbs to pancreatic cancer. And if the local Community Board and SLA won't let him? Well, he'll show them! "I'm going to dump money into [Shadow] and torment these people," owner Steven Juliano told DNAinfo recently. "We will come back with a bigger, badder and blacker Shadow nightclub — and trust me, they'll really hate that last part."

Juliano, who tells DNA he has late-stage pancreatic cancer, is trying to sell the troubled Shadow nightclub space to Michael Satsky (who owns Provocateur). But he's worried that, because of the club's bumpy 18 year history, Community Board 5 is going to reject the deal at their meeting tomorrow. So while he's hoping for the best he's planning for the worst.

Still: If things don't go Juliano's way, he's got a lot of work to do. Currently Shadow has been shut down by the NYPD, and the neighbors are quite happy with that arrangement. Last year one neighbor complained, "It is getting so bad and so violent. There are people peeing on our front door. The club is absolutely destroying the neighborhood. My wife can't sleep without taking Xanax." So in order for Juliano to get his sweet revenge on the neighborhood, he'll have to fight the shutdown and then renovate the space before it can get "bigger, badder and blacker." Tomorrow's CB meeting is going to be a blast.