- Paris Commune, the West Village eatery that moved into new space at 99 Bank Street last year, is celebrating its anniversary by opening the Rouge Wine Bar. Quaff wines from France, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and Chile while you wait for a table upstairs, or finish off your night by sipping on a glass of cognac while you gaze at the original fresco covering two walls. Look closely and you might see Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, and a certain editor of Vogue among the romantic couples, sulky gamines, and Paris Commune regulars worked into the mural. Rouge Wine Bar at Paris Commune, 99 Bank Street, the corner of Bank Street and Greenwich Street, 212-929-0509.

photo: Jason Perlow, eGullet- Black Pearl will be offering a New Orleans style oyster loaf (sourdough hero stuffed with dozen fresh flash-fried oysters, mayonnaise, lettuce and cajun spices--pickles on the side) for $19 "until President George Bush leaves the White House." Half of all net proceeds to be sent directly to community service action groups in New Orleans. Black Pearl, 14 Avenue A between 1st and 2nd Streets.

- Through September 30th, all Tour De France restaurants are donating all proceeds from the sale of “The French Quarter,” an original cocktail made from bourbon, cointreau and citrus juice created just for this event, to The American Red Cross. Cocktails are $9 and are available at: Marseille, 630 9th Avenue, 212-333-2323; Nice Matin, 201 West 79 Street, 212-873-NICE; French Roast downtown, 78 West 11 Street, 212-533-2233; French Roast uptown, 2340 Broadway, 212-799-1533; Le Monde 2885 Broadway, 212-531-3939; Maison, 1700 Broadway, 212-757-2233; L’Express, 249 Park Avenue South, 212-354-5858; and Pigalle, 790 8th Avenue, 212-489-2233.

Photo by Jason Perlow, eGullet