Photo via Fat & Tasty

Is the McRib on its own just not satisfying enough? Good news, someone decided to add real food, not made of plastic, to the sandwich, taking it to the Next McLevel. Shockingly, this creation didn't come from the kitchen of an American—the frankenfood is from Germany! The Fat & Tasty blog it's featured on is all in German, but lucky for you, that was our first language, so allow us to translate.

The creator of the sandwich, which starts out as a regular McRib, promises "an insider tip" for people with "good taste," suggesting the reader add deep fried mozzarella sticks and fried bacon to create the ultimate meal. They describe it as "breathtaking," which seems pretty accurate given that it will definitely kill you.

We estimate that the calorie count is around 1,111 (figuring in five mozzarella sticks at 537 calories total, and two pieces of bacon at 74 calories), added to the 500 calories in the McRib. Guten Appetit!