Good news for those bums across the park—it appears that groceries at the Upper West Side Fairway are priced slightly below those at the Upper East Side store. The Post did a little digging this weekend, and discovered certain Fairway items cost half a dollar-or-so more on the UES than at its counterpart across town. Did that extra change fund Bloomberg's thug portrait in Red Hook?

The Post found items like Heinz ketchup and Twinings tea were 30 cents more on the UES, and ground veal and cheese were 50 cents more. And shoppers won't stand for this injustice! Oh, er, actually, they will. "This is typical New York," one East Side resident said. "It bothers me, but it’s not enough to stop shopping there." Apparently, doing business on the UES is more expensive, which is why there's an extra cost. "But...we’re much cheaper than the local competition," an inside source told the Post. Plus, the West Side Fairway has to compete with the lower prices and higher entertainment value at Trader Joe's a few blocks away. So, UWS shoppers, consider yourselves lucky, because you get cheaper groceries and extra furry friends.