Dough has finally made it to Manhattan, and to celebrate the expansion of their empire across the East River, the Bed-Stuy frymasters spent the better part of today giving away free doughnuts to those willing to brave the line. Around peak lunch hour, freebie lovers doughnut enthusiasts queued up at the new Flatiron storefront, resulting in a line that was almost half an avenue long and a pain in the ass for one very frustrated UPS delivery man.

Neighboring Soulcycle attempted to lure some dieters away from their Dulce de Leche fix with a few guilt-inducing flyers. Brave but misguided, as we all know nothing's stronger than the siren's call of oversized discs of deep-fried dough (especially when they're free)!

In total, we spent a solid half hour on line, but free sugar fixes are always worth the wait. According to owner/sweets savant Fany Gerson, they make all the fillings, glazes and other ambrosial accouterments in Brooklyn, though the actual dough is now made in both places throughout the day in small batches. She also revealed that once the initial madness dies down, Dough Manhattan will be experimenting with churros, cake doughnuts and "these sticky bun things made with the same dough." We're gonna need a bigger belt.