Today we took to the streets to ask big beverage drinkers about Mayor Bloomberg's proposed ban on large sugary drinks. The ban would outlaw sweetened drinks larger than 16 fluid ounces from all eating establishments regulated by the Health Department. While some New Yorkers appreciated the sentiment behind the ban, many were skeptical of the actual impact it will have. Others were firmly opposed to the government meddling with their right to choose whether they want 470 calories in one foul gulp.

"I think his heart is in the right place but people who want 32 oz of a sweet beverage can just buy two 16 ounces," says Judy Tillinger, 63, between sips of her Venti iced tea and lemonade. "It seems kind of wrongheaded and I don't know if that is the thing most responsible for obesity. I mean, close McDonald's, that'll make a dent in it." Click through on the photos for more insights on Bloomberg's soda war.