Forget trying to figure out who has the best pizza in the city... new intel shows that New Yorkers have a favorite day to order up slices. According to the very important data collected by, the citizens of New York City love their pizza on Thursdays, late at night, likely after drinking enough to rationalize the decision to consume such a caloric snack before passing out.

The company's VP said, "Thursdays were surprising to us because Sunday is our busiest delivery day overall. Friday and Saturday people go out to eat, but Sundays, because of football, I always think of as a pizza night."

The favorite topping was less surprising: pepperoni. Margaret DeMarco at Di Fara Pizza confirmed the findings with the NY Post, saying, "Despite our unique toppings, like Italian black olives or Porcini mushrooms, pepperoni is still the most popular topping. There will never be a day we don't sell a slice of pepperoni pizza. It's a familiar topping, it's spicy, delicious and it's bad for you. The worse it is for you, the more people will like it." Which is why opening up a deep-fried pizza joint is probably the way to go.