Courtesy of Lindsay Robertson, an early NYC adopter of La Croix (this photo is from 2014!)

The latest corporate attraction in Williamsburg isn't the neighborhood's new Apple store or Antique Japanese Textile Mosquito Net Market, it's the gigantic wall of La Croix positioned inside the new Whole Foods on Bedford Avenue.

La Croix (pronounced La-CROY, like "enjoy") is a drink that's been around since 1981. Founded in Wisconsin, it saw a national spike in popularity around 1990 when a bunch of Perrier was recalled. Sometime around 2014 it became A Thing in New York City, and now people from the Midwest will brag that they've been drinking it for years. And we'll give that to them, they have so little out there. But now is La Croix's time to shine in a real city—if it can make it here, it can make it anywhere.

La Croix—which is a sparking water (and therefore has less bubble intensity than seltzer) currently comes in 20 flavors, none of which has sweeteners or calories: pure (unflavored), berry, coconut, cran-raspberry, lemon, lime, orange, peach-pear, mango, passion fruit, apricot, tangerine, pamplemousse (grapefruit), pomme-bayá (apple-berry), cerise limón (cherry lime), piña fraise (pineapple strawberry), melón pomelo (grapefruit melon), kiwi sandía (kiwi watermelon), muré pepino (blackberry cucumber), and LaCola.

The flavors are a thing of passion amongst La Croix drinkers, but New Yorkers do have an overall favorite. Let's go back to that wall of La Croix in Williamsburg, which is by far the largest in NYC. Michael Sinatra, a rep for Whole Foods' Northeast region, tells us that customers here prefer pamplemousse (also known as grapefruit, or simply PAMP).

"Our customers most favorite flavor to date is Grapefruit, selling out other flavors as much as 6 times over," he told us this week. "It's the favorite flavor is general, but New York City specific." He added that the La Croix "has been a very popular item among our shoppers lately... the Williamsburg team (as well as our other NYC stores) orders La Croix 6 days a week The items get stocked up each night."

Currently it's on sale for $2 for 8, Sinatra adds, so it's been extra popular with the price slashed.

How long will PAMP stay on top? "New flavors are always being added as La Croix develops them," we're told, and "in early 2016, we added Tangerine and it’s steadily becoming a top seller."