Seneca Lake, NYThe best New York wine of 2003? An $18 bottle of 2002 Riesling from Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyards near Seneca Lake, according to the judges at the New York Wine and Food Classic, held in Napa Valley. With 567 wines entered, the New York Wine and Grape Foundation tells the Times "By taking New York wines into the heart of California's most prestigious wine country and having a majority of judges be from the West Coast, we are making a statement that New York wines are good enough to be considered among the best of the world." The article also mentions other notable NY wines.

The NY Wine & Grape Foundation's site has a pretty informative site about different NY wine regions, including nearby places ideal for a day trip, like Hudson Valley, Long Island, and our fair city

CopiaThe competition was held at COPIA: The American Center for Wine, Food & the Arts, which, according to its about page "is a cultural museum and educational center dedicated to exploring the distinctively American contribution to the character of wine and food in close association with the arts and humanities, and to celebrating these as a unique expression of the vitality of American life, culture and heritage." COPIA will celebrate its 2nd birthday at its Napa Valley home this November.