Does Travel + Leisure have some kind of blood feud going on with New York? Over the years, the "magazine" has been steadily chipping away at our self-confidence, calling us rude, dirty, unfriendly, and average-looking, and while we've managed stayed resilient, they've finally taken it too far: the magazine just put out recent survey ranking the country's best pizza, and we came in THIRD PLACE. Is nothing sacred anymore?

That's right—New York, Land of Ray's Pizza, Original Ray's and the Famous Original Ray's, has been handed bronze in pizzamaking, bested by Chicago...and Providence, Rhode Island. Chicago's at least known for coining deep-dish, and it's unsurprising that an NYC foe like Travel & Leisure would try to stick it to us by shoving cheese pie in our face.

Providence, on the other hand, which is in New England, if you didn't know, beat us out for silver because they serve grilled pizza, "where the dough is cooked on one side, then flipped before the toppings are added." Seriously. And while New York was noted for having tons of pizzerias, the city's apparently got its fair share of "tourist traps"; though the magazine pointed out that pizza plazes stay open late to accomodate our "cocktail lounges, live music, and wild weekends."

So, in short, we're all a bunch of crappy pizza-eating drunkards that can't make pizza as well as a city that tried to get calamari instated as an Official State Appetizer. On the bright side, though, it looks like New York pizziaolos aren't letting this little survey get them down. "Whoever did this survey doesn’t know anything about pizza," Grimaldi's general manager Dan Taormina told the Post. We demand to see some credentials.