Three Domino's franchisees which were accused of appalling wage theft at 10 different locations across New York State have agreed to pay back the workers they ripped off. Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman announced a settlement with the three operators today; collectively they will pay out $480,000 in restitution to hundreds of employees of their restaurants for alleged wage theft and overtime violations.

Shueb Ahmed and Anthony Maestri, who own eight stores in New York, Nassau and Westchester Counties, along with Matthew Denman, who owns two stores in Montgomery County, will pay out $150,000, $240,000, and $90,000 respectively after being sued in part of a larger lawsuit with Domino's corporate.

Schneiderman's been on a huge tear recently regarding Domino's. His office blew the lid on Domino's corporate "PULSE" computer payroll system, which was revealed to routinely under-calculate employee earnings and overtime, a fact that was known to Domino's but was never fixed. The Attorney General's office sued the franchise owners—who in this case have been dropped from the suit following the settlement—along with Domino's corporate.

"The Attorney General has now settled investigations into labor law violations at 71 Domino's franchise locations in New York State, owned by fifteen individual franchisees. These locations comprise more than half of the franchise stores and over a third of the total number of Domino's stores in New York," Schneiderman's office said in a release. "The Attorney General's office has secured nearly $2 million in total restitution for Domino's workers statewide through these settlements."

Domino's has a terrible track record with wage violation accusations and a similar suit brought on by delivery workers at one Manhattan franchise resulted in a $1.28 million settlement following allegations of flaunting overtime and minimum wage laws.

That frozen pizza isn't sounding so silly anymore is it?