It seemed for a bit there like the recession might have killed it, but the absurdly expensive culinary treat that is the truffle is back and once again appearing on fancy menus around town. A part of the 1% looking to partake? Read on. And for the rest of you, well, read on and feel very poor. And don't for a moment think you're fooling anyone with your truffle oil-soaked French fries—those oils are sadly not the real deal.

So, where can you find some delicious fungi found by a pig? Here are five spots serving 'em, in order of price (well, sort of, getting a firm truffle price out of a reservationist is a lot like tracking to catch a greased pig):

Burger & Barrel: This year old joint from the Lure Fishbar folks isoffering its Piedmont White Truffle burgers (served with white truffles, robiola cheese and truffle aioli on brioche) for a mere $48 (25 West Houston // 212-334-7320).

Le Caprice: For some creamy white truffle risotto, look no further than this sceney spot where it'll run a mere $90 per serving (2 East 61st Street // 212-940-8195).

Le Cirque: As befits the restaurant beneath Bloomberg, this Italian restaurant is offering up white truffles for $125 per portion, served with fettucine, risotto, or even on a baked potato (151 East 58th Street // 212-644-0202).

Morso: In midtown east this Italian restaurant is serving up white truffles as an addition to your dishes, but will only tell us the market price when we asked about price (420 East 59th Street // 212-759-2706).

Toqueville: If you like your white truffles in your risotto, well this spot off Union Square has you covered, it'll just cost you the market price. And if you want to go all out, you can pay $60 bucks per person to have the stuff shaved all over the chef's tasting menus, which run $110-$125 per person (1 East 15th Street // 212-647-1515).

Suddenly those truffle-oil fries sound really tasty and cheap to us.