A new hotel set to open in Williamsburg knows that visitors are looking for that "authentic" Brooklyn whimsy when visiting the bar soaked neighborhood, which is why one of their onsite watering holes will be inside a water tower. In their presentation to Community Board 1 last night, developer Toby Moskovits and her team presented plans that include six on-premises bars, including a "lounge in a rooftop water tower," reports Bedford + Bowery. Are there no original ideas anymore?

The eight-story hotel at North 10th and Wythe will also be home to a ballroom-type bar and a basement bar that will be likely include a club-like dance floor (they will seek a cabaret license). A 70-seat restaurant is also part of the plan. The CB voted to support their application—despite quality of life concerns raised by some committee members—because the establishments looked "small and intimate." Just close your eyes and plug your ears—it'll all be over soon.