Ya' got a restaurant, right in here Manhattan...with a capital T and that stands for tartare and this is where my Music Man lede ends. Tfor, a somewhat confusingly titled (and pronounced, possibly) restaurant that opened last night in the West Village, specializes in raw food, you see. Things like beef tartare and carpaccio, and fish applications including tuna, salmon and shrimp. This is the fun kind of raw, not the intensely restrictive kind.

Owner Tommy Roncari has changed the concept of his Da Tommy Osteria, hiring chefs Stefano Crialesi and Riccardo Di Rocco to bring to life his "insane love for seafood and fish." In addition to the many raw preparations, the duo will be cooking dishes including Sea Urching Spaghetti, Lobster Risotto and Sesame Crusted Sicilian Tuna.

Italian wines and desserts are also on offer.

14 Bedford Street, West Village; tfor-nyc.com

Tfor Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd