In keeping with the long tradition of naming your restaurant after your street address—there are worse ways to go about this process—33 Greenwich makes its debut Wednesday night in the West Village. For his second restaurant, Danny Volk (The Upsider) is trying "Southern hospitality" on for size, bringing aboard chef Anne Thornton—who co-founded Moby's LA vegan restaurant Little Pine—who'll execute a menu of coastal Southern and New Orleans-inspired foods. Don't worry: there's meat.

In fact, it's extremely meaty. The menu's anchored by "Suppers For 2" like a Veal Chop ($65) or Fried Chicken ($55), both of which come with a choice of two sides like sautéed broccoli or sweet potato puree. Not a single Entree For 1 doesn't contain animal flesh of some kind, though if you're pescatarian you can slide by with Shrimp & Grits ($27) or Seared Arctic Char ($32) with artichokes and fennel in buerre blanc, a.k.a. butter sauce. Vegetarians can satisfy their buttered and fried yens with Biscuits ($5) served with peppered honey butter or Fried Green Tomatoes ($14) with herbed buttermilk.

While there's always room for more fried chicken, will we see some backlash from the people of New Orleans over the "Muffaletta Board"? The dish is described as a "deconstructed version of the beloved New Orleans sandwich with charcuterie, provolone, olives and a fennel and celery salad." Is a muffaletta really a muffaletta without the muffaletta loaf? Apparently.

33 Greenwich Avenue, 646-609-3615; Closed Sunday.

33 Greenwich Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd

33 Greenwich Cocktail Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd