There's a new purveyor of artisanal dried meat products and, for some inexplicable reason, it's not located in Brooklyn. A new South African shop selling biltong, a type of cured beef, has opened in the West Village, offering customizable cuts of the jerky-esque product alongside other treats well-known to any ex-pats living in the city. Jonty Jacobs is the brain child of Monique Daniels, a New Yorker by way of Australian and South Africa, who wasn't feeling all of the dried meat hooey on offer in the States. Can't say we blame her. Daniels also tapped South African chef Hugo Uys to curate the menu of products and lend his expertise.

The shop will offer several types of beef, cuts and slice styles for their biltong, plus the option to add their spice blend if you like your meat a bit on the spicy side. First, choose between regular beef ($35 per pound), Grass Fed ($70 per pound) or Aged ($85) and then decide how much fat you like, either lean or traditional. Finally, the biltong can be cut in your preferred shape, either shredded—the most common way enjoyed by South Africans—hand cut chunks or thinly sliced like prosciutto.

droewors (courtesy Jonty Jacobs)

In addition to the biltong, the shop will offer other types of dried meats like droewors (dried beef sausage), boerewors (South African-style sausage) and sosaties, which are marinated hunks of beef, lamb and pork that are skewered for grilling. Despite the South African origin story, all the meat is from the USA and are chemical and additive free without the use of sodium nitrates. They're also selling all sorts of other goodies for the homesick South African or the curious gourmand. Look for South African snacks like cookies, chocolates and teas plus funky truffle products, caviars and cheeses, smoked fish and dips.

(courtesy Jonty Jacobs)

114 Christopher Street, 646-490-5312; website

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