Have you eaten a restaurant meal in recent memory without someone whipping out their smart phone for "a quick pic sorry about the flash!!!!!"? Of course not, because it's impossible for grown ass adults to enjoy a meal without filtering the crap out of their artisan pizzas for Instagram—and let's not even get started on the teens. But we couldn't have imagined in our darkest social media night terrors that it could get worse, but it has. Meet #dinnercam—yes #hashtag because #socialmedia—the "world's first portable photo studio for restaurant meals."

A South African internet provider called MWEB created this demon contraption, which seeks to "take social media food shots to the next level." It's simple, really; just cart your meal over to the machine, where you'll have a few lighting and positioning options to make sure your followers can truly appreciate your $250 burger. If you can't brag about it, did it really happen? #millenialphilosophy

The "best" part? After sharing the photo to Facebook or whatever, you'll get a printed copy of your photo. What's next, giving someone an actual thumbs up IRL when they do something cool? This isn't the '70s masquerading as the '50s anymore!

MWEB claims the whole thing is just a "tongue-in-cheek campaign" about human interactions in public environments or some BS. But that just means we're a few short Kickstarter months away from versions of these abominations being funded by PR firms and wealthy foodiots. And teens; always blame the teens.

[Reviewed via Consumerist]