A gigantic old fashioned neon sign above the bar shouts DRUGS. It lies. There's not an intoxicant in sight at this pop-up shop coming to Elizabeth Street that publicists are branding a "non-alcoholic cocktail bar." There are no highs here: only lemons.

And when life gives you lemons, you pay someone to turn it into $10 cups of lemonade spiked with activated charcoal and shavegrass, apparently. Beverage company Dirty Lemon—which began life as (I kid you not) a delivery by text message-only company hawking detox drinks—wants to meet its followers face-to-face, and opened "The Drug Store" in Nolita on Monday.

(courtesy The Drug Store)

Designed to look like a '50s-era pharmacy and soda fountain—when in doubt, pick as many gimmicks as possible—the store will sell the brand's "elixirs," lemonade-based drinks fortified with flowers and roots and things that supposedly promote a healthier body, shinier hair and...possibly cure the hangovers you'll never get from this "bar"?

A release about The Drug Store promises "veteran mixologists blending fresh ingredients to recreate each flavor profile" along with "celebrity bartenders, live DJ's, and regular appearances from the influential friends of the brand," which apparently include Kate Hudson and Karlie Kloss. This also has to be the first lemonade stand in history to accept reservations.

232 Elizabeth Street; dirtylemon.com. Open daily 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. through Labor Day. Make a reservation here

Drug Store - Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd