McDonald's has updated their uniforms, giving their employees a 1960s flair, with plenty of inspiration coming from Mad Men. (Perhaps this will help the customer travel back in time to when we really didn't know how bad fast food was for us.) According to The Telegraph, the new look will debut at the Olympics, and then get rolled out to all employees in the UK... but there's no word yet on whether they'll make it across the pond to McMerica.

According to reports, "The main crew, who work behind the counters flipping burgers and frying chips, will wear polo shirts, in mustard yellow for the men and 'gherkin green' for the women. Customer care assistants have check shirts with green dark green trousers or skits. Managers are in black and white, but with the female managers wearing a mustard yellow neck scarf." The collection will also include skinny ties and pencil skirts, and they say the design is based on "a mixture of the 1960s mod movement and Mad Men"—though designers also aimed to "hark back to a day of really classy air travel."

Hopefully the new threads are made of grease resistant polyblends.