Yesterday, the Department of Health unviled the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005. Basically the government thinks Americans are fat and wants Americans to do something about it. Could it be a Bush administration jab at Michael Moore? Or just Big Brother looking out for our best interests. Anyway, here are some highlights:
- Eat more fruits and vegetables
- Drink more low-fat milk
- Eat more whole grains
- Exercise at least 30, even up to 90, minutes a day
Okay, Gothamist knows we should eat better. But up to 90 minutes at the gym? We'll need Phillip Torrone to help us install a geek gym if we're going to get anything done. Anyway, we liked some of the reaction from New Yorkers to the new guidelines, as captured by Newsday. A hot dog vendor said the government "wants to kill the business of hot dogs. ... You can't eat anything these days." So true. Plus:

"When it comes to diet advice, New Yorkers listen to who looks really good in a bikini in the Hamptons, not the government saying 'Eat more grain because we say it's better for you,'" said Ken Friedman, co-owner of the Spotted Pig in Greenwich Village, where a top-seller is gnudi, a carb-free "pasta" favored by his model clientele.

Funny that - Joe DeSalazar's Eating In recipe was Spotted Pig's Ricotta Gnudi!