Yesterday, we were quite happy when word came that the city Buildings Department had given approval for Grimaldi's to install a coal-fired oven in their new Front Street DUMBO location, ending a month-long work standoff. And they wasted no time reopening, with lines around the block Saturday afternoon: "The Earth tilted back on its axis today. Long lines return at new Grimaldi's, all the way to the future Juliana's," tweeted FultonFerry.

Gina Peluso, daughter of owner Frank Ciolli, told Brooklyn Paper they were relieved to be open again: "It feels good to be back. We have the same lines, the same oven and the same menu.” She cautioned that they're still working out the kinks with their new coal oven: “It will take some time to break in the new oven, but people have been raving about the pizza all day. I think the pizza will be all right.”

Ciolli’s new business partner, Christopher Paulsen, added that he isn't worried about competition from Patsy Grimaldi's new joint Juliana's, the pizzeria that is set to open next year in Grimaldi's old space down the block: “The papers make it seem worse, but there’s no animosity there at all,” Paulsen said. “The competition is good. But it’s a shame that someone [Grimaldi] has to come back and work in their 80s.”

Not everyone was satisfied with their first bite of the new Gimaldi's: "Dear tourists - Grimaldi's pizza is not all that.. standing online for hrs in the cold is bananas go to Bayridge to Ninos-thank me later," tweeted Nicole R. Bed-Stuy resident Ben Simpson was even harsher in his assessment to Brooklyn Paper: “I could have gone to any pizzeria, paid a quarter of the amount and a quarter of the time. Their job is really just to rip off tourists. I hope Patsy Grimaldi does a better job with service and quality.”