If over the last few years you've been frustrated when trying to find information on the FDA's website about whatever is being recalled this week we've got good news. Because of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act signed by President Obama in January, the agency has been compelled to create a new, searchable, tabular website to track all of the recalls under its purview. Which means if you want to obsess about what foods, drugs, and medical devices you don't want to be using, this site is for you.

On the old website finding information about recalls could be a headache, with important information buried in spots all over an inconsistently designed page. The new site aims to fix that putting everything about each recall (including photos of the products in many cases) in easy reach.

And the new website isn't the only change ushered in by the FSMA. The new law also gives FDA the power, which it has yet to use, to order food recalls on its own authority without having to depend on industry cooperation.

Meanwhile if you've got any "Frankly Fresh" fare in your fridge... you might want to look at it closely. Frankly, it might not be that fresh.