Gothamist was walking down Greenwich Avenue early one morning recently, when this sign stopped us in our tracks:


A new restaurant! We peered in curiously through the glass, but sadly, we had to continue on to work and couldn't wait around for the place to open. Fortunately, both the New York Times and New York Magazine had gotten the inside scoop -- Jones is the newest creation of former Plumeri chef Jay Plumeri, who hopes to make this neighborhood spot a comfort-food haven, complete with macaroni and cheese, Cobb salad, and roquefort burgers.

And then, just when we thought we had maxed out on excitement for the morning, we were pleasantly surprised to see a new Spanish restaurant called Matador, just down the block in the former home of Sapore Due. It too was closed at the ungodly hour we walked by, but their brunch menu alone made us drool -- baked eggs with manchego, fried eggs and chorizo, poached eggs topped with serrano ham and herbed hollandaise, sweet plantains, and more. To top it off, brunch comes with a glass of sangria. Guess where we'll be this weekend!

Jones, 41 Greenwich Avenue, near Charles Street, 212-255-3606
Matador, 57 Greenwich Avenue, corner of Greenwich and Perry Street, 212-691-0057

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