Why do developers want to kill everything we love? Next up on the chopping block: Market Diner, the 1960s-era diner on 11th Avenue at 43rd Street. Yesterday, The Real Deal reported that the Moinian Group had filed permits with the DOB to build a 13-story mixed-use building on the lot at 572 Eleventh Avenue where the diner lives. The group apparently purchased the property back in 2004 but only recently raised the capital to fund the development.

The diner has been operating since the early '60s with a brief remodeling respite from 2006 to 2008. The spot was supposedly a favorite of Frank Sinatra, who used to hang out in the back room after last call at the bars and, on a darker note, the notorious Westies gang also used the diner as a home base, even allegedly taking a break from dismembering a body to grab a quick bite.

Nobody at the diner knows the future of what will become of the classic greasy spoon, but Jeremiah Moss notes that other standalone diners have been literally moved to avoid the wrecking ball. If not, we'll have 163 more residential units and some ground floor retail to stare at. Either way, we can at least console ourselves with some old photos of the diner in happier days, back before Manhattan was stripped of all its character and soul.

A spokesperson for the Moinian Group said "no comment" when we called to ask about the diner's fate.

Update The diner's owner, Niko Tsinias, confirmed the closure to us via email:

Only thing I can say is, is going to happen! When? Is up in the air, can be six month, 8 months etc. but we will get final notice a month before we need to vacant [sic] for good! Sad but, what can you do!