By the time it opens in two years—yes, two years—we may finally have all the details about TV host and Guy Fieri nemesis Anthony Bourdain's international food market. Since word first got out in January of last year, the chef has only tantalized with tiny details, namely that the thrust of the operation will focus on "street food and hawkers legends from around the world" in a Blade Runner-esque setting inside the SuperPier at Pier 57. To date, the most in-depth look has been obtained by the Times, who supply us with the following information about the enormous new undertaking.

  • Bourdain has doubled down on the Singapore-style hawker market as the "the beating heart and soul" of the market but also reveals that April Bloomfied and Ken Friedman (Spotted Pig, Salvation Taco, et al) have been tapped to operate two prepared food stalls and Mexico-based La Guerrerense will be bringing uni tostadas to the space.
  • This influx of international chefs and hawkers also means a "big challenge" in securing transportation and visas for these smaller operations from abroad, as well as finding housing once they get here.
  • A full-service restaurant is also part of the plan—there'll be a mezzanine that looks out onto the market below—but the operator has yet to be announced.
  • On the other side of the coin, there's also going to be a "wet market" where butchers and fish mongers will break down whole animals.
  • It's going to be HUGE, 155,000-square-feet to be exact, with an interior design by the same firm who designed the Standard, as well as restaurant lookers Lafayette and Upland.
  • The market will be open "almost around the clock," and also offer entertainment like "karaoke, Asian pop performances and films."

As Bourdain's business partner Stephen Werther says, "people want Tony’s shows to come to life," and this all sounds in line with that vision. There'll probably be some kind of booze component at play too—come on—but maybe they're saving that for the next round of announcements.