So there's a new club in Chelsea opening tonight! It's called Citrine, and it's described in the press release as "Where the Beautiful Come to Play." So all you businesslike trolls can just return to the shadows of Marquee from whence you came! But if you're absolutely fabulous looking and so playful and long for "a unique blend of comfort and exclusivity," well, totally enjoy!

It's located in the 2,200 square foot space formerly occupied by "Snitch." (Anyone?) This iteration promises a "state-of-the-art DJ booth," plush couch seating, and "a gemstone-inspired interior." Verily, this is "the master work" of nightlife impresarios Adam Elzer, David Rodolitz and Jon Gabel, who, as you surely know, "have dominated the entertainment and lifestyle event industry in New York City for years." Their merciless domination continues tonight with guest DJs The Pierces.