When the L train undergoes its 18-month spa treatment, alternative services across the East River will be increasingly important in shuttling commuters abandoned by their primary mode of subway transportation. The skyway's still a pie in the sky but the huge ferry expansion launching this summer is very much a reality—and that reality now includes alcohol, the known cause of and solution to reality.

Phase one of the Citywide Ferry by Hornblower—which includes multiple routes servicing Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn (a route to the Bronx will launch in 2018)—will offer "adult beverages" along with concessions from local vendors, a spokesperson confirmed, promising more details about the plans to be released this spring. The Mayor's office did not immediately return requests for comment.

First reported by the NY Post, the boozy boats will have something in common with the Staten Island Ferry, which operates concessions stands selling alcohol and crappy (delicious) nachos aboard all of their vessels. The East River Ferry does not currently offer any concessions, alcoholic or otherwise.

Ferry fare will match current MTA prices at $2.75 per ride (an extra $1 for bikes) but you will not (yet) be able to transfer for free between the ferry and MTA subways and busses. Ships will also be equipped with WiFi and operate expanded hours from current ferry systems, cruising around until 10 p.m. daily.

Future commuting delays are looking up.