The storied restaurant Monkey Bar, which was sold last year and closed for renovations, is now in a super-stealthy friends-and-family mode. New owner Graydon Carter also operates the exclusive Waverly Inn and inspires such awe and secrecy among his customers that those who have so far previewed the menu have declined to be identified in articles about the restaurant. But the first (anonymous) reports reveal a throwback menu that’s all blue-plate specials gone to high-end heaven: “Meatloaf, chicken Payard [sic] and the old iceberg wedge with blue cheese,” the Observer reports. Andrea Strong hears Waldorf Salad and "Lobster Newburgh" [sic] are in there, too. “Chef is from London,” Strong’s tipster says, but up until now the chef’s identity has remained secret. We have it on good authority that Monkey Bar’s new executive chef is Elliot Ketley (pictured), who worked as chef for 4 years at exclusive NY club Soho House, but also at some of the most well-regarded restaurants in England.