Do you enjoy slurping down small, fishy European things possibly served with a touch of cream sauce? This is so your month. That's because June marks the return of the new catch Holland herring to our shores. And luckily for herring aficionados, there are more than one place in town to enjoy the tasty treats whole.

Celebrated with a national holiday in Holland, the mild young herring that are the "Hollandse Nieuwe" are traditionally eaten in a very particular manner: the eater tilts their head back, opens mouth like harbor seal, chews a bit, and gulps. Like sword swallowing, but with delicious fish instead of blades. Still, you can eat them in other ways (mmm, creamsauce) if you must.

So where to find them? Starting tomorrow at noon you can enjoy them at the Grand Central Oyster Bar, where they are being celebrated with that restaurant's 32nd Annual "Holland Herring Festival." There you'll be able to buy the herring by the fillet ($7) or in a salad ($7.95). Tomorrow the fun kicks off with the Consul General of the Netherlands and other special guests on hand, but the herring themselves will be available through June 22.

Also starting tomorrow the fish will be on hand at Russ & Daughters for $4.99 for two fillets or $39.95 for a tray of 10 herring (20 fillets). Can't make it downtown? They'll deliver. And if you really want to show your love, you can go to their Celebration to eat as much as you can at the Astor Center on June 26 (for $75 per person).

And that's not all! The fish are also once again available in a festival at Midtown's Aquavit from June 15th-16th and 22nd-23rd, where a herring lunch buffet is $32 and the dinner is $42—which is actually kind of a steal if you can pack the wee fishes back the way we can.