If you were hoping Tavern on the Green's new incarnation as a "casual restaurant and cafe" would translate into some cheaper dining fare, think again—the Department of Parks and Recreation has released the reincarnated restaurant's tentative menu, and it looks like the Tavern's up to its old tourist-trap tricks.

Not-much-less expensive fare includes, for instance, a $9 season greens plate as compared to a $13 mixed green salad way back in bad old 2009 and an $18 shrimp cocktail, a whopping $2 less than the hefty $20 shrimp cocktail from Tavern's days of yore. And carnivores might see a deal in the $33 lamb chops, the most expensive item on the menu; Tavern's old top-priced dish was a $41 aged New York Strip steak. Other new dishes include small plates like foie gras dressed with burnt orange and coriander, $18, shrimp and grits with Meat Hook chorizo, $14, and a $29 ceviche sampler. But tight-fisted diners, don't despair! The new Tavern will also feature a smoothie-serving takeout window, with single-digit prices running from $6-$9.

The new Tavern, which will be run by the Philly-based Emerald Green Group and headed by celeb chef Katy Sparks, is set to open sometime next year.