The food hall component to Chinatown's new Canal Street Market opened Monday with some newish concepts from established food brands including Ippudo and Nom Wah Tea Parlour—plus a very interesting way to serve soup.

Ippudo Kuro-Obi, which specializes in transportable noodles, will serve special ramen including Kuro-Obi, a "Black Belt" creamy chicken soup ramen with black garlic oil and umami miso paste (get the soft boiled umami egg for an extra $2). Nom Wah, fresh off its expansion to Nolita, will operate Nom Wah Kuai, serving up dumplings and lunchbox-style rice bowls like a Crispy Pork with excellent pickled vegetables served with a variety of new sauces including Creamy Sesame, Chili and Ginger Tomatillo.

Brand-new to the market and the world are a smoothie bar specializing in "superfood boosts" called Lulu, along with a collaborative Japanese restaurant from The Izakaya and Samurice teams. The latter serves a limited menu that includes a savory Japanese Curry along with a special miso soup prepared "pour over"/drip-style—a popular technique in third wave coffee establishments—where broth is poured over bonito flakes into cups with the miso paste below.

The rest of the lineup includes lots of local spots like Billy's Bakery, Davey's Ice Cream and ilili box, all opening their fourth NYC locations/pop-ups. Uma Temakeria of sushi burrito fame, Boba Guys bubble tea, and super salads from fresh&co are also available. Plus market vendor Oppa, which is making a sweet, cheesesteak-like sandwich with bulgogi beef, grilled onions, pickled chili peppers and American cheese on a brioche bun, among other Korean fusion dishes like tacos, salad bowls and banchan.

Finally, something called "CSM Lab" will be a venue for a rotating cast of restaurants and chefs, starting with a Petee's Pies pop-up selling a variety of sweet and savory pies. Petee's will be in the space for the next three months, during which time they plan to change up the pie menu (strawberry rhubarb will soon replace the black currant) with some frequency.

265 Canal Street;