Sure, websites like Menupages are handy when you need to line your stomach for a night of debauchery, but how do Manhattan transplants find the best place to meet up for high fives and car bombs? And how do you find the best bar to avoid them and enjoy your favorite microbrew?

A new website, Beer Menus, is more than just a bar search engine; it’s a great resource for tracking down microbrews and the bars that pour them. So far they’ve got 1,210 beers in their database and 162 beer menus throughout Manhattan – not bad considering it just launched today.

Want to know where you can enjoy a rich Bossche Buffalo Stout? Make haste for Ginger Man on East 36th Street. You can also register your email with Beer Menus to get updates about events and specials at Ginger Man, which the Village Voice called the #1 beer bar in New York. Beer Menus also has a blog which will keep you up to speed on upcoming craft beer events and timely beer news, like the best places to imbibe outside, an activity that needs to happen immediately.