Once it finds a home and the shelving to hold all the bottles, that is: A "bourbon, beer, and rock" centric bar is due to set sail for charred oak land sometime this fall. Think of it as the subdued Brandy Library's polar opposite. One Barrel Bar is the labor of love devised by a music industry vet, a bourbon fanatic, and a bona fide hamburglar. Despite all the planned draught beer and guitar solos, the bar will focus on a single spirit, much like Philip Ward's new tequila bar Mayahuel. "I wanted to expand my alcoholism beyond vodka," says co-owner Marc Schapiro explaining the sour mash, while noting partner Rob Morton's recent Makers Mark ambassadorship that happened during a cross-country move was an auspicious pre-opening sign, and that third partner Rev. Ciancio may curate a hamburger menu for the bar. "We want to have the most extensive bourbon list in the city," says Schapiro, adding that the One Barrel guys envision the bar to be closely linked with live music, "a sort of preshow/aftershow kind of hangout." Follow the bar's opening progress here.