A bagel brand run by a former H&H employee is picking at the remains of the now-shuttered Upper West Side institution, telling us that he wants to move in to the Broadway storefront that once housed the inimitable bagel institution. But...is it too soon?

Marc Fintz, the director of business development for Woodside-based Davidovich Bagels, says he's in talks to lease the former H&H space at 2239 Broadway. "We feel there's a certain cultural and sociological aspect to it that makes it more than just a bagel store. We'd like to turn it into an attraction, a place where people can come and revel in the history of the institution," Fintz told us. "We'd like to continue that legacy." The biggest hurdle right now? Owner Friedland Properties' asking price, which is currently set at a whopping $950,000 a year. That translates to a lot of bagels.

Davidovich, whose "old-world" bagels are hand-rolled and boiled in kettles, currently sells wholesale to Whole Foods and UWS grocer Barzini. Maria Balinska, author of The Bagel: The Surprising History of a Modest Bread, recently name-checked Davidovich as her favorite bagel in the city, calling them "crunchy and chewy, and with that savory sweetness that makes you want a second bagel." We've placed a call to Davidovich for more information, but in the meantime, something to ponder: has the UWS had enough time to appropriately deny, get angry, bargain, feel depressed, and finally accept the loss of H&H? [via DNAinfo]