In the annals of half-baked 9/11-related tributes, you've got your questionable coverage, your bad brand tweets, and of course, your Halloween costumes depicting the burning Twin Towers. Now one daring Austrian baker thought he could really up the ante by constructing a cake depicting the attacks a protest against his own government.

Baker Thomas Kienbauer told a local paper that the cake, which depicts the two airplanes hitting the Towers, represented his country's two ruling parties—and the aircrafts symbolized opposing politicians, not terrorists. The red and white skyscraper labeled "SPO" is the Socialist Democrats; the black and white one labeled "OVP" represents the co-ruling People's Party.

According to The Local, he explained that "to really make a point, sometimes you have to exaggerate the facts." Indeed, this historically inaccurate cake completely fails to show Building 7 falling in a controlled demolition.

Casually using 9/11 as a means of talking about situations that have nothing to do with 9/11? Never go full Giuliani.