Earlier this week, the city health commissioner jumped at the chance to further alienate lovers of beloved alco-caffeinated-sugar goop Four Loko, by backing State Senator Jeff Klein's legislation to ban all alcopop drinks from being sold in groceries and bodegas. But the politicians' attempts to marginalize the liver-burning sewer swill has only inspired and motivated its most ardent devotees, who are now coming to its defense...in the name of Democracy: "Taking away Four Loko is an attack on our freedom and way of life," said Brooklyn DJ Anton Glamb.

Glamb, part of the "Bushwick hipster music group Radical Outing," is speaking out against the continued neutering of the gummy bears-gone-crunk drink: "I think that it's sad that they changed the original formula, a lot of people depended on that drink for their weekend festivities. I think it's unfair the way that they're singling out this drink." Glamb is such a fan, he made an album at the end of last year devoted to the drink, called Never Forget Four Loko, featuring songs such as, "I Drink Four Loko in the Rain," "Four Loko USA," and "Girl I Want to Buy You a Can of Four Loko Tonight." Nothing screams freedom like re-appropriating 9/11 slogans.

And we think somebody might be harboring a bit of a grudge against Governor Cuomo: "Now I hate Andrew Cuomo, what a homo, he's the fucker that took my Four Loko away. And I will travel to other states to get my fucking Four Loko's anyway." Here's the album:

Radical Outing Presents: Never Forget by Radical Outing

If you're so inclined, you can download Glamb's surprisingly well-produced album (it sounds a little like Chromeo!) here. Glamb isn't the only Four Lokartist: Youtube has tons of amateur rappers and musicians who have written (mostly terrible) songs in tribute to the Loko, including the "official" music video: