Awesome: The owner of a Burger King at Fifth Avenue and 36th Street is suing its landlord. Apparently the BK at 401 Fifth Avenue got infested with rats "after an adjacent Chinese restaurant shut down earlier this month," according to the NY Sun. And then when Inside Edition caught the rats inside the Burger King (as well as rats in other city restaurants), the owners decided to sue.

The lawsuit says, "The rodents from the vacant Chinese restaurant have begun to migrate into the restaurant, including the restaurant's dining room and kitchen during operating hours." This is just depressing, when you think about 401 Fifth Avenue is the old Tiffany Building. Back in 1990, the Times' Christopher Gray had a Streetscapes column about the building: "a notorious object lesson in how not to treat a landmark."

And somehow, it should be noted that Burger King is moving towards using only eggs and pork from humane suppliers.

This rat is not at Burger King but at Brazil Grill in Hell's Kitchen