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But first: coffee amirite? Unless, ugh, you ran out of coffee at home. Or if you're in the mood for a special, fun coffee. Or maybe you want a delicious pastry, or a full healthy breakfast, to go with your caffeine? Then it's more like, "but first: Grubhub." Because in addition to being your go-to for all sorts of snacks and meals throughout the day and night, Grubhub is also great for getting all manner of coffee drinks delivered right to your door while they’re still nice and hot, so you don't have to interrupt what you're doing, whether that means working, streaming a show, or just lounging in bed. Plus, if you’re returning to some less-than-stellar office coffee, Grubhub delivers right to your workplace.

There are obviously hundreds of places in New York City that would be happy to help you get through the day with a coffee delivery, including your favorite local bodega or cafe, but here's a quick look at a few of our favorites, both because they sell really good coffee, and because they have really good things to eat to go with all that caffeine.

Super Nice Coffee and Bakery in East Harlem

We love Dan Cohen's hole-in-the-wall spot on East 117th for the doughnuts--we're kind of Super Nice super fans to be honest, wolfing down Cohen's stuff since the days when he first launched his Danny Macaroons booth at Smorgasburg a dozen years ago--but we've also come to really appreciate his coffee here too. There's an excellent variety as well, including a Canadian Tuxedo (basically a maple cinnamon latte), a New Orleans style iced coffee with housemade chicory syrup, and Cohen's signature Suicide Latte, which combines espresso with "all the flavors we can grab." Get one of these beauties delivered via Grubhub and you'll be up-and-at-em in no time.

Super Nice is located at 156 East 117th Street -- Order Now

East One Coffee Roasters in Chelsea and Carroll Gardens

East One Coffee Roasters, with locations on West 23rd Street in Chelsea and Court Street in Brooklyn, makes for a terrific all-purpose neighborhood spot, starring a menu of pastries as well as things like Avocado Toast, Pork Hash, and a Grilled Chicken Sandwich. True to their name, they'll also deliver a bunch of great coffee right to your door via Grubhub, including a Cold Brew, a Maple Sage Latte, and a variety of whole beans delivered in 12-oz bags, like the Gatugi from Nyeri, Kenya, which "tastes like Trix cereal and key lime."

East One is located at 170 West 23rd Street and 384 Court Street -- Order Now

Pilar Cuban Bakery in Bed-Stuy

Cuban-American Ricardo Barreras grew up in Florida, so when he expanded his Bed-Stuy restaurant by adding this terrific Cuban bakery, he designed the space to feel like home, with lots of sunshine, pastel tiled floors, and a Miami-style neon sign. And if you want to bring some of that Miami-Cuban energy into your home, now you can get Pilar Cuban Bakery goodies delivered via Grubhub, including a killer Cuban Toast Breakfast Sandwich, some first-rate Flan, a lovely Guava and Cream Cheese Pie and, of course, some of the city's best Cafe con Leche.

Pilar Cuban Bakery is located at 397 Greene Avenue -- Order Now

Murray's Bagels in the West Village

If this were a Best Bagels in NYC list, Murray's would also be on that. For more than 15 years now, Adam Pomerantz has been feeding his Greenwich Village/West Village neighborhood his hand rolled bagels slathered with cream-cheese spreads, laden with smoked fish, and/or as the foundation for a terrific array of sandwiches, like the Corned Beef Omelet monster and The Bertha, towering with tuna salad, melted cheddar, and bacon. Murray's also makes a great cup of coffee, including a Double Espresso and an Iced Cappuccino, with beans from Counter Culture. The Rugelach and Black and Whites are pretty damn fine too. Sounds like the perfect stay-at-home brunch to us.

Murray's Bagels is located at 500 Sixth Avenue -- Order Now

Maman all over town

Maman has gotten huge! When Benjamin Sormonte and Elisa Marshall opened their first cute little coffee shop in 2014, on a sleepy stretch of Centre Street on the eastern edge of Soho, it was a locals-only affair, appreciated for its rustic vibe and excellent chocolate chip cookie. That cookie remains delicious today, and has been joined by dozens of other good things to eat, both savory and sweet, in an astonishing 14 separate locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. In other words, it's easy to get some of that Maman magic delivered to you right now via Grubhub, including a deeply satisfying Parlor Cold Brew and full range of other iced coffee delights.

There are Maman locations in Greenwich Village, Soho, Chelsea, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Tribeca, Cobble Hill, and Greenpoint -- Order Now

Kopitiam in Chinatown

We've hyped up Kopitiam, which remains modestly billed as a Malaysian Coffee Shop, on these lists before, and with good reason: chef Kyo Pang, recently named a James Beard Award finalist, runs one of the best kitchens in town. That's true whether you're ordering the beautiful Malaysian Style French Toast (now in three varieties!), or the Nasi Lemak covered in anchovies, or the lovely Honeycomb Cake, or, most relevant to this list, any of the Pendang Coffee drinks, like the Kopi-C Kosong with evaporated milk, or the Kopi-Ghee with clarified butter. And it's all available as a dream-come-true breakfast in the bed with delivery via Grubhub.

Kopitiam is located at 151 East Broadway -- Order Now

Bourke Street Bakery in Nomad

Paul Allam started Bourke Street Bakery on the other side of the world, in Sydney, Australia, where it quickly gained an almost cult-like following among coffee-and pastry-loving Aussies. In the spring of 2019 Allen brought his family--his wife and co-owner Jessica Grynberg, and their three kids--to New York City, opening his first American outpost on East 28th Street, and the love and devotion quickly followed. Everything in the pastry case is top-notch, from the signature Sausage Rolls to the Hot Cross Buns to that iconic Aussie treat, the Lamington, which is basically a sponge cake soaked in chocolate sauce and covered in coconut. And, obviously, there's a lot of coffee involved, including a perfect Flat White.

Bourke Street Bakery is located at 15 East 28th Street -- Order Now

Sweetleaf in Long Island City, Hunters Point, and Greenpoint

Founded in 2008 by Queens native Rich Nieto, Sweetleaf has been a Long Island City mainstay since before the whole area exploded with all those luxury rental towers. And even though the neighborhood has changed almost beyond recognition, the two Sweetleafs over here soldier on as funky, welcoming coffee shops with a terrific selection of pastries, breakfast-type sandwiches, and some of the best caffeinated drinks in town. We always get the Rocket Fuel, a seriously potent concoction of cold brew, chicory, and maple syrup, but you can't go wrong with anything here.

Sweetleaf has locations at 2810 Jackson Ave, 4615 Center Blvd, and 159 Freeman Street -- Order Now

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