Everyone knows that the only place to get a real Nathan's hot dog is at the Coney Island original (seriously, they are different dogs and they are fabulous) but that isn't the only great thing about that boardwalk staple. The fries there are pretty spectacular, too. Or they were.

The Daily News today has a SHOCKING story about how the Surf Avenue stand, which still hand cuts its fries, has recently changed the recipe for their fries. But fret not, unlike when Shake Shake messed with their fries a few years back this one should only be temporary.

Nathan’s confirmed that the secret recipe had indeed changed. The company blamed the vagaries of produce and a very poor potato harvest this spring. “Remember, the potato is a fresh vegetable, so there are periodic interruptions in the supply chain,” said Nathan’s spokesman George Shea. In this case, Shea said, Nathan’s regular supply of Katahdins, a low-starch breed, had been exhausted, forcing the chain to substitute the high-starch Russet Burbanks, also from Maine.He said that the Katahdins would be back within a month.

Thank goodness, because apparently people find the new fries "radically different in taste and texture," as well as "dryer." Hopefully moist, tasty Katahdins will be back before the summer season wraps up.