Nanny Bloomberg is reportedly turning his junk food-hating eye towards NYC jails. The Daily News is reporting that City Hall is mulling an outright ban on selling junk foods including soda, potato chips, honey buns and candy in city jail commissaries. In the future, will sugary Pixi Stix be the new jailhouse currency?

"As part of the city’s anti-obesity work, we are continuously looking to appropriate steps to improve the food environment in city agencies," a mayoral spokeswoman explained to the News (the mayor's office did not immediately respond to our request for elaboration on the plan). Unsurprisingly, however, some Department of Corrections employees are already worried about how the ban would go down with the 13,000 inmates in city jails, who spend roughly $13 million on commissary items a year! "That’s crazy. They are not going to be happy," a jail supervisor worried to the tabloid when told about the still-percolating plan.

Still, if this latest scheme moves forward it will not be the first time Nanny Bloomberg has stepped in to try and clean up the eating habits of city inmates: in 2003 the city banned smoking, fried foods and trans fats in its jails. Can't prisoners have any fun?