Gawd, when will Nanny Bloomberg just leave us alone to die of natural salt and giant portion-induced causes? Never, apparently, and now he's reportedly in the early stages of taking away the most precious vice of them all: alcohol. We must stop the madness!

The Post dug up some documents for a possible new Partnership for a Healthier New York City proposal that calls for “reducing alcohol retail outlet (e.g. bar, corner store) density and illegal alcohol,” and to cut back on "exposure to alcohol products and bar advertising and promotion in retail and general (trains, buses, etc.) settings (stores, restaurants, etc.)." Wait, does this mean no more excessive drinking ads on the trains? The Health Department wouldn't comment on how far into enforcing this horrible idea officials are, but that's not stopping plenty of people from getting pissed off.

“Talk about a nanny state. Why don’t they just close all the liquor establishments?” said Mike Long, a former liquor-store owner who called the move "absolutely insane" and compared it to the temperance movement. “More social engineering by Mike Bloomberg. What a surprise!" said Scott Wexler, president of the Empire State Restaurant and Tavern Association, who said he'll take his fight to the courtroom if need be. Maybe Bloomberg just needs to sit back and relax with a nice Chianti and mull things over? Chances are he'll forget he ever had this crazy idea.