We live in the greatest city in the world for exemplary pizza and on Wednesday evening, that bounty will be on full display at Slice Out Hunger, the annual charity event that offers $1 slices from the city's top pie slingers. Fifty pizzerias have been tapped to participate in this year's event and they'll be brining an estimated 1,000 pies to St. Anthony's Church, where attendees can mix-and-match up to 10 slices to eat. In fact, it's one of the only opportunities to nab single slices from spots like Roberta's, Di Fara and Grimaldi's, none of whom let diners at their restaurants get away with anything less than a full pie.

Founding company Scott's Pizza Tours, run by pizza addict Scott Wiener, brings together big names in the pizza industry for the event, including both Joe's and John's pizza, Emily, Lucali, Motorino and a bunch more. Beginning at 6 p.m.—though the line will form much sooner—the doors are flung open and attendees make their way through each pizza setup, exchanging tickets for a slice. Desserts and drinks are also available.

There's always a charity angle for the event and this year the Food Bank For New York City is the beneficiary of funds raised through slices sold. Organizers say every ticket helps feed five New Yorkers in need, so bring your appetite and your wallet. Check out the video below for a peek at what's in store; if the crowds and lines seem overwhelming, there's always the option to buy a $100 passport that jumps you to the front to grab slices before everyone else.