We make no secret about our anchovy obsession over here—most Saturdays you'll find us hovering at the Bon Chovie booth at Smorgasburg, where the fried anchovies will rawk your world. If you share a similar anchovy passion, you should add Beaumarchais, a French brasserie in the Meatpacking District, to your anchovy bucket list. Chef David Diaz recently launched a new fall menu, and there's one particular item on there we keep dreaming about.

Diaz invited the media to inspect the menu at the end of last month, and while there were highs and lows (the Calamari à la plancha sings, the Bouillabaisse funky—and not in a good way) we were instant converts of the Tartine aux Anchois Blancs et Artichauts. In English, that's basically an open faced anchovy sandwich, seen here in all its tantalizing glory. Wherever Diaz sources his anchovies from, they're fresh as can be, and come piled on crusty country bread, with a subtle artichoke tartine, a sweet tomato confit and frisée over white anchovy aioli. It costs $18, but it's inspired, and a must for any serious anchovy collector.

409 West 13th Street between Washington Street and Ninth Avenue, (212) 675-2400