At 5 p.m. today Forcella spin-off La Montanara Fried Pizza opened its doors to the public at 168 Ludlow Street. And if you show up early and whisper "Ludlow" to the guy behind the counter you can even try the joint's signature pie for just $1.68 (normally they are $7). But—having stopped by to sample the spot's wares last night—here's our tip to those looking to try what is sure to be a favorite with the drunk LES set: get the $4 Pizzella alla Nutella. Thank us later!

Nutella, that delicious spread, has been a popular dessert pizza feature for awhile now—we've always liked the enormous Nutella Calzone at Gemma, and the original Forcella serves a solid Nutella pie as well—but the one at La Montanara is just about perfect since it isn't nearly as large. In one little piece of heaven you can taste Nutella paired perfectly with lightly fried dough that has been dusted just so with powdered sugar. It is the kind of dessert you'll wake up in the middle of the night thinking about. We might have done so last night.

How good is it? So good that by the time we'd pulled out our cameraphone to snap a picture of it the whole thing was gone. So instead, what you see above is the larger, more expensive, $10 Nutella pie from Forcella itself—which is also good, but can sometimes be overpoweringly Nutella-y (if such a thing exists).

As for the rest of the food at La Montanara? They serve fried pizza, fried pizza sandwiches and fried small bites that taste just as you would hope they would. Which is to say, it tastes good.

168 Ludlow Street // 646-657-0730