Clinton Hill pizzeria Emily has been whipping up dish after dish of delicious things since opening in February. There's their honey-drizzled "The Colony" pizza pie, for instance, along with a delectable trumpet horn-shaped pasta dish made with duck ragu, a smattering of tasty appetizers and a chocolate-filled calzone for dessert. But the restaurant's most standout dish is, naturally, also one of its rarest: a specialty banana crème pudding, topped with Nilla wafers, and served in a Mason jar, of course.

The banana crème pudding is crafted specially by Emily Hyland, the restaurant's namesake—with the help of her husband/head chef Matt Hyland. The duo make a basic vanilla pudding, then let it sit in the fridge until it firms up. While it solidifies, they whip heavy cream from Battenkill Valley Creamery and add in a whipped banana and the insides of vanilla beans to make it even more flavorful.

Once the cream is nice and whipped, it's folded into the pudding where crushed Nilla wafers await it ("Nilla wafers are a very nostalgic, specific flavor classic to banana cream pudding," she says). The whole shebang gets layered into a Mason jar. First, Emily throws in a layer of crushed wafers, then a layer of thinly-sliced bananas, next a layer of pudding and repeats, topping the dessert with more crushed wafers before letting the jar sit in a fridge for 24 hours.

You won't always find the dish on the restaurant's menu, but she says she's been trying to crank it out about every other week, typically offering it to diners on a Wednesday or Thursday. When it does show up post-dinner, it's an outstandingly refreshing way to wrap up a meal full of fiery, piping-hot pizzas and pastas, so be sure to select it when you can—one Mason jar runs $14, and serves two people.