CHEESE ICE CREAM, a creation which can only be typed in ALL CAPS, is coming to New York, albeit briefly, as all good things will be ruined if you add time to the equation.

Here's what we know: next week Murray’s Cheese is celebrating Annelies’ 2nd birthday. Annelies is not a person, but one of their Cavemaster Reserve cheeses, "made exclusively for Murray’s by Walter Rass, a Swiss cheesemaker (meaning you can’t get this anywhere else)."

To help celebrate the cheese (all cheese should be celebrated every day, btw), the shop partnered with Oddfellows Ice Cream Co. to create an Annelies ice cream. Will this be too much of a good thing? You can find out for yourself — they'll be serving up scoops at all of their NYC locations for $5 a scoop, but they'll only be doing it Thursday, August 2nd through Sunday, August 5th. After that you'll just have to choose between either cheese, or ice cream, never both at the same time unless under the supervision of ice cream making professionals.

If you just want a tiny taste, they'll also be giving out samples at their Bleecker Street flagship store and Grand Central Market location on August 2nd.

"They're in the process of making the ice cream right now," a publicist for Murray's told us. "It's going to be crazy delicious."

You can find Murray's Cheese locations here.