We've been having unseasonably warm weather. (Heck, there's a prediction of hitting the 60s over the weekend and it's mid-November.) And yet, you can't help but see the growing fear in New Yorkers' eyes.

2005_11_food_hot_drinks.jpgThey know it's coming: Winter. Or, at the very least, a serious dip in autumnal temperature. But, with winter's chill comes winter warmth - warmth in the form of spirited beverages designed to make you feel cosseted from the cold. Parkas in martini glasses, so to speak. (Hey, that's a great name for a cocktail!)

Today, with temperate temperatures, we can still get away with a Watermelon Mojito or Lychee & Lemongrass Fizz, but in the days to come when frost begins to encroach upon our fair city, Gothamist looks forward to turning towards mulled wine, lethal egg nog and hot chocolate spiked with any variety of spirits. (On our rumor radar screen: The prospect of Libations Goddess Audrey Saunders concocting a batch of Tom & Jerry at her new cocktail lounge, Pegu Club.)

What are your favorite spots for a chilly cocktail treat? Extra points if your watering hole pick has a working fireplace!