mudtruck; photo -- www.themudtruck.comSandwiched between myriad Starbucks in Astor Place, you might have noticed the glaringly orange MUD Truck parked by former home of the Alamo Cube. The 4 year old brain-child (or vehicle) of Nina Berott and Greg Northrop, the coffee and snack truck mainly services commuters on-the-go. But, for a full breakfast, lunch, or dinner menu, one can also stop in at the Mudspot (on E. 9th between 1st & 2nd), munch on granola, and revel in the last remnants of NYC’s hippies.

mudspot; photo -- www.themudtruck.comThe thick, strong coffee, or “Mud,” is the Mudspot’s namesake product, but when Gothamist stopped in for a late dinner earlier this week, we were instantly excited by the kitschy, cozy décor, free flowing wine, and vegetable-heavy dinner menu. Panini sandwiches, salads, soups, and tapas-style dishes make up the bulk of the menu; drinks include “blue state beers” (beers from California, Vermont, New York, etc) and a short wine menu in addition to coffee-based beverages and fresh juices.

Gothamist opted for the pan-fried string beans, pears, gorgonzola, and almond butter plate, an appetizer-like assortment of hot pressed breads, pear slices, a generous serving of veined gorgonzola cheese, crisp string beans, and a miniature ramekin of freshly ground almond butter. With a glass of red wine, the meal was light, tasty, and nutritious.

Gothamist’s dining companion wavered between enticing suggestions by our friendly waitress – the seared tuna salad, avocado panini, and pork quesadillas -- but finally sprung for the salsa salad, a generous plateful of mixed greens topped with freshly grilled corn, roasted peppers, and homemade salsa, accompanied by a side of tortilla chips. Living up to its goal to be “fresh, seasonal, exciting and innovative…” Mudspot uses delicious and nutritious ingredients to make you full.

Beyond its menu, Mudspot offers the intimacy of a small café, the spirited décor of hippies gone wild, and retains an inviting mantra making you want to slowly drink your wine and linger through dinner. Perfect for small parties or solo trips, Mudspot makes you feel at home, or, better yet, like running through a field of flowers with your hair flowing free.

Photos courtesy of
Mudspot, 307 East 9th Street, (212) 228-9074