Last time we checked in on the McCarren Greenmarket, it was begrudgingly moving to a concrete-heavy spot on Union Avenue between Bayard and Driggs, but now the NY Post reports that the market got a little upgrade, and will be moving to Driggs and North 12th this October. The move is being made after the Parks Department was concerned about how damaged the grass was becoming at their current location of Bedford Avenue and Lorimer Street. CB1 Parks Committee member Dewey Thompson told the paper, “It is a terrific transition step towards permanently demapping Union between Driggs and North 12th and a perfectly suitable use for the street, especially considering the fact that, for years, the Greenmarket, while offering the community much-needed fresh greens has been crushing some of the highly endangered green grass in the park." Some vendors are concerned with losing money due to less pedestrian traffic, so everyone go buy some apple cider donuts and pumpkins this fall!