Move over "lacinto" and "curly," there's a more exclusive kale primed to gentrify your section of the produce aisle: "lollipop kale." AdorKALEble. As Grub Street's Hugh Merwin points out in an excellent profile on the hard-to-find (and hard-to-grow) green, it's a "mythological-sounding cross between Russian red kale leaves and conventional Brussels sprouts." And it apparently tastes like the perfect combination of both. But where can YOU get it, when even specialty shops have a hard time tracking it down?

Lollipop kale, a hybrid created by Tozer Seeds in 2010, is out there, and sometimes goes by a different name: kale sprouts. Merwin says he tracked them down under their trade name (lollipop) at Salad Savoy, and was able to order a case to ship to Brooklyn, where all kale belongs. He also notes that Trader Joe's may be adding the product to their shelves soon. But for now, aside from hounding your local specialty vegetable shop or attempting an order with a California producer, you'll have to seek it out on restaurant menus... though no New York restaurants seem to offer it now, according to Merwin, maybe they will after this big press push.

And if not, at least ramps season is just around the corner.